IdahoSTARS Training Resources

IdahoSTARS strives to improve child care in Idaho; child care providers and directors/owners are some of our greatest allies and assets. The quality of care for Idaho’s children increases through professional development opportunities through training and education.

Training and Education

Attending IdahoSTARS approved trainings will help child care providers increase their knowledge of child development, improve their skills, and stay current in the field of Early Care and Education. IdahoSTARS has various opportunities to receive training hours: attend training events, conferences, DVD self-study lessons and online and self-study training through approved agencies.

For your own development as a professional you may take any training that is of interest to you. However, IdahoSTARS will only offer training hours for an individual training title one time. Duplicate trainings will not receive training hours, nor will they be eligible for scholarships or incentives.

IdahoSTARS Training Office Cover Sheet

To better serve our providers, the Training Office has a cover sheet to be attached to all certificates, quizzes and lessons you send to the Training Office. This process will help the Training Office ensure that the correct person receives training hours for the trainings they have completed, as there are many child care providers in Idaho with the same names/information. Please make sure that this form is filled out in its entirety so we can process your information quickly and efficiently.

Please Note: The IdahoSTARS Training Log is the official record of Training Hours. IdahoSTARS certificates are for your record only and will not be accepted as proof of attending a training for IdahoSTARS.

When attending IdahoSTARS approved training, make sure to sign in on an attendance sheet and complete a Reflective Evaluation online two weeks after a training event.

View these guidelines for more information on training requirements for Idaho State Daycare Licensing.