Child Care in Idaho: Summary Report

2015 Idaho Early Childhood Workforce Study: A Cross Sector Survey
This is a comprehensive final report of a study of workers across early childhood sectors in Idaho. It includes demographics of respondents across sectors including education, compensation, longevity in early childhood work settings, career path activities, services offered to families, curriculum practices, activities concerning children with diverse needs, and training preferences. It also includes administrator respondent program characteristics and business practices.

Executive Summary of the Idaho Early Childhood Workforce Study
The Executive Summary is a report of key findings, conclusions, and recommendations from the Workforce Study.

Summary of the Idaho Early Childhood Workforce Study: Child Care Sector
This booklet offers findings specific to the Child Care Sector in the Early Childhood Workforce Study.

Snapshot of the 2015 Idaho Early Childhood Workforce
This summary includes findings from a survey of workers in Idaho early childhood settings. It includes characteristics of respondents such as education and training, salaries and benefits, program offerings for activities and curriculum, and trends for working with children with diverse needs. The summary includes recommendations from survey results.