IdahoSTARS Specializations

The IdahoSTARS Infant Toddler Specialization is a professional development package designed to support providers with mastery of best-practices in infant and toddler care.


The IdahoSTARS Infant Toddler Specialization is developed for child care providers who meet one or both of the following prerequisites.

  • Have completed all IdahoSTARS Essential Trainings (Essential Training 1 Series through Essential Training 4 Series)
  • Be at a Level 2 or higher on the IdahoSTARS Early Childhood Care and Education Career Pathway


In the first 18-24 months, you will become specialized in the content and practice. In the following years, you will focus on maintaining best-practices with continued support and evaluation/assessment from IdahoSTARS.

The Infant Toddler Specialization Package Includes:

  • Online Training Modules
  • Coaching/Technical Assistance (in-person and via computer conferencing)
  • Infant/Toddler Professional Resources
  • Assessment of implementation of practices
  • An ongoing professional development plan
  • Evaluation of the specialization process and content
  • Professional Membership upon completion

Become Specialized in Infant Toddler Care:

Complete the Infant Toddler Specialization Application and submit it to the IdahoSTARS Training Office for review.